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Store Your Bike Indoors Without Wasting Space With These Savvy Tips

August 24, 2016 9:01 am

Commuting by bicycle is a great way to save money, cut down on pollution, and get some exercise, but creating storage for your bike can be tricky. If you’re looking for savvy ways to store your bicycle inside, check out these smart spots and innovative products.

  • Hang it on an all-in-one shelf. Many modern bike companies now offer floating shelves that pull your bicycle up off of the floor in an attractive way. As a bonus, these smart shelves also feature hooks for hanging your helmet, messenger bag and other small belongings.
  • Store it vertically in a slim wall space. Even if you only have a slim space between two windows or a doorway, that’s just enough space to hang your bike. Invest in sturdy mounting hardware and store your bike vertically on the wall.
  • Hang it over a door. If you have high ceilings, use them to your advantage. Hang your bike in the unused space over a doorway with a DIY pulley system or reliable mounts.
  • Use a two-bike gravity stand. If you have more than one bike, you can stack them on a tiered gravity stand. This attractive, minimal stand uses gravity to keep the bikes upright, and best of all, it doesn’t require any drilling into the wall.

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Bowlmor: A Hip, Modern Bowling Alley for Kids and Adults

August 17, 2016 9:02 am

Although you may remember the dingy bowling alleys that you visited as a kid, you’ve likely never seen anything like Cupertino’s Bowlmor. This upscale, futuristic bowling alley looks more like a nightclub than the usual retro facility, but it’s made for players of all ages. Uniquely shaped bars and tables line the incredibly spacious interior, high-tech bowling lanes are equipped with state-of-the-art display screens, and modern light fixtures offer the perfect amount of dim lighting to create a fun, exciting feel.

In addition to bowling, Bowlmor offers a room full of pool tables, bocce ball, and even a lounge-style restaurant with a full bar. Guests can order upscale bar food appetizers from anywhere in the facility, and waitresses serve you right at your lane. Bowlmor is even available to rent out for your next kids’ birthday party or a fun work event.

Bowlmor is open different hours each day, so be sure to check the website before visiting.

10123 North Wolfe Road #20
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 252-2695

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Fun DIYs to Give New Life to Unwanted Household Items

August 10, 2016 9:02 am

Instead of tossing out those household items that seemingly have no use anymore, give them new life by repurposing them into something useful. This not only helps you to save a bit of cash, it also helps to reduce your waste production and show a little love to our environment. Here are a few fun DIYs for making over unwanted household items!

  1. Turn empty condiment bottles into squeeze bottles for dispensing pancake batter. Just make sure you thoroughly clean them out first—no one wants to eat ketchup-flavored pancakes!
  2. Turn an ornate vintage picture frame into a vanity tray. Simply add a pretty fabric instead of a photo, lie it flat, and fill it with perfume bottles, makeup, and more.
  3. Clean the fine “hairs” out of corn on the cob by using a dry toothbrush that you don’t use anymore.
  4. Hang an old rake upside down and use it as a rustic necklace holder.
  5. Portion toddler snacks perfectly by filling the cubes in an ice cube tray. They are the perfect size for berries, pretzels, cheese cubes, and chocolate candies.
  6. Purchase a vintage window shutter from a garage sale or thrift store and use it to display important memos, mail, and photographs. Simply clip wooden clothespins along the slats and even add S-shaped hooks for keys.

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